The plight of Middle Eastern countries and stand of USA

This century has marked one of the widest spread of terrorism as ever encountered. The biggest affected people from this is the Middle Eastern countries resident. We see the big rise of ISIS in this era, this has become to such an extent that even all world combined is fighting with them. The major affected countries in this are Iraq, Iran, and Syria etc. We have witnessed the rise and fall of the government here where after we see this mammoth increase in the terrorism around the world. All this has some connection and stand of USA over this rise of terrorism.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

U.S.A is one of the most active country when it comes to fighting terrorism all over the world. It can be seen from the attacks at Iraq, to the wide spread involvement of U.S armies in Middle Eastern countries and country like Afghanistan. If we see the interview at Foundation for Defense of Democracies there is a tough stand from U.S.A government against all these happenings. Also with amount of money spending on the defense in the budget it certainly proves that government is concerned about this and we need to take a solution on this.

Foundation for Defense of Democraciesis a good platform for all the people who want to know the current government decision against all these happenings. It is an important aspect as anything happening over the world impacts every country. We have seen the rise in migration of people from these countries to other country and as such we should be also active in measuring these things from our end. You can read more at their facebook page and can even visit their website to know more in details. It is going to give you an insight of happenings around the world.

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