The Abaya – Tradition versus Modernity Re-Visited Online

Abaya is a robe or cloak-like garment, which is a part of the Muslim tradition since time immemorial. It has many names, like Aba, Abayah and few more. It is anover-sized garment that covers the full body, except the head, hands and feet.

Origin of this traditional garment

The holy book of the Muslim community states that a woman should be covered from head to toe, under all circumstances. This is advised in order to preserve the chastity of women. It aims at shunning off unwanted attention towards the grace and beauty of Muslim women.

How this garment is made?


Around 3-4 meters of fabric is required to make the garment. The width of the fabric should be around 5 feet. Along with these a lighter colour of the same fabric is required for the belt, elastic and sewing accessories.A lot of fabric is used, so that the stitches do not stretch.After stitching, the embellishments including stone work, sequin-work, surface ornamentation and texturization is done.

Styles in the Modern world

The black abaya has moved a long way, ahead. Thanks, to all the fashion designers working on this traditional piece of garment. Each one is trying to give a modern twist, keeping the base unchanged.  The tradition has been kept intact through all experimentations that are been done on this dress.

Designers have come up with openones, butterfly abayas, kimonoabayas, closed abayas and more. They are experimenting more and more on the material that is been used. The materials with which this dress can be created are crepe, Lycra, georgette, chiffon, net, silk, velvet and many more. A popular form of styling this garment is to use black on the top, with underlying colorful fabrics.

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