Reasons Why Miss Abaya Is the Best Thing Happened In the Fashion Industry  

An abayais a traditional wear very commonly found among woman who follows Islamic religion. It can be considered as a staple cloth in the wardrobe of women of this particular religion. Now when the mostly worn cloth is this outfit and you cannot experiment with the base color of the outfit, the look can become very monotonous.

There is a brand available both online and offline mostly confined in London region named Miss Abaya. The brand started its journey in the suburbs of London in the year 1989 and slowly established them as a very popular brand for this particular costume. A woman wears this outfit along with hijab as a sign of modesty and this brand blended the modesty with the new age style. The brand did not tampered with basic black abaya rather with the help of experienced tailors they made the monotonous outfit more eye catchy.

black abaya

Brand loyalty:

The brand provides several options for the outfit but most popularly purchased are open abaya. The quality of the material is perfectly balanced with the price of the product. The reviews from the customers seem very promising for any online retailer. In fact the brand enjoys a certain level of loyalty and as evident from the review the customers actually wait for restocking once a certain size becomes unavailable. In my opinion this can be considered as the highest level of loyalty in online business.

Scope of improvement:

There are few downside of this brand as well. The brand doesn’t have a very clear strategy when it comes to doing business outside London. It’s been almost 30 years since they started their business and there is not even a single outlet outside the boundaries of United Kingdom. The process of restocking a particular size when it becomes out of stock seemed a little slackened in this store.

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