Prestigious Institutes impart some symbols of their own

Institutions of great reputation do have one thing common as far as their prestige is concerned. They years of practice have made them sure about their continued survival in the niche, and they tend to receive more from the similar kind of progress for themselves. The concerns of status does not worry them at all for they have earned it with years of successful operation, and creation of stalwarts leave them with no kind of need to be acknowledged. Such institutions are already known to the common kind of people, and furthering the same does no good for them. Such type of institutions do create one thing for sure for themselves. The status symbol is shared by all those who hold direct stake into it. The status symbol in the form of some shield, apron, coat, badge or cap is distributed among those who hold stakes, and they further the process of making honor higher for them.

university of houston ring

The University of Houston Class Ring is such an example of such type of prestige symbols getting shared among all the students, teachers and alumni group to represent the honor they bore to those who see them. The desire to express the status symbol is always felt by individuals for it is a psychological fact, that produces greed to do the same, and therefore, the greed is satisfied with such positive measures taken up by the institution. The University has as many colleges as other universities would have and provides education to more than forty thousand students per year in different fields and disciplines of study. Since, there is no setbacks to the institution since its inception in early part of  20th century, UH Class Rings have always attracted the attention of new students as University of Houston Ring is an entirely different status symbol for them earned with their own intellectual levels.




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