Open Abaya Is Most Accepted Garment against Traditional Abaya

Religion and culture are though interlinked but are actually two different terms with different meaning. This difference is often misunderstood or sometimes misinterpreted to take advantage by some religious leaders. Abaya is not a religious outfit for women in Islam but religious leaders have made a mandate for women to wear this robe like costume to preserve her modesty. They imposed this mandate to whole culture and finally treated it as a law. In fact, there are no modesty-based guidelines and this dress has been accepted as cultural costume for the last many years when women were usually housewives and used to stay in home.

Why open abaya is an accepted costume

The contemporary scenario has changed because concept of working women has superseded the homemaker concept, but cultural guidelines have not been modified accordingly. When changes are not affected by religious leaders, automatic evolution begins.

open abaya

Accordingly, mandate of wearing black abaya by a Saudi woman resulted in an emergence of this costume in its new form that could offer flexibility of wearing it on different occasions and on workplace. Muslim women have adopted this new form due to its versatile nature and compatibility with fashion accessories. Many cities of Arabian countries have also accepted this change and allowed women to make option of their apparels. Thus, Arabian women that hate to wear traditional abayas can exercise option to wear open abaya as their dress or combine this dress with some western dress.

How to buy open abayas

The abayas have become a commonplace in recent time because women have started loving them for diverse styles. There are many online abayas selling shops where you can have access to displayed designs and order the desired piece for purchase. This is the convenient way to get this dress. You can also get this dress on apparel stores and get it fabricated if you need the one with custom fitting.

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