How to tell that someone is depressed

All of us feel down sometime or the other. It could be due to a death in the family, a divorce or some other matter happening in your career. Why even a new mother can feel overwhelmed and moody. For some this goes away within a matter of sometime; while for some this can go on and turn into severe depression. If this depressed state persists it can be quite harmful physically as well as mentally. In such conditions it is best that they seek help from professionals and centers like Sage Recovery and wellness Center. But how do you spot that someone is depressed? Here in this article, we have given you some tips which would help you identify if someone is depressed –

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Signs that can tell someone is depressed –

  • When a person is having difficulty in sleeping; just keeps tossing and turning without being able to sleep well
  • If the person is not eating well and doesn’t have any appetite. Even their favorite foods do not appeal to them.
  • Not being able to concentrate or forgetting simple things. Not having energy or the will to do much. Losing interest in stuff that they once found pleasurable.
  • Having the feeling that they are helpless or worthless.
  • Most new mothers can have some baby blues. But if it persists then they need to seek help.
  • Young kids who are unusually quiet, do not want to go to school or make excuses. They tend to stick to their parents. Teens can become defiant or sulk all the time.

One can also get some help from

How to help them –

To a large extent family support and love is all that is required for someone who is in depression. But when it is too deep rooted, then professional help is necessary. Therapeutic centers like Sage Recovery Austin can help you with some good advice.

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