How Can You Become Do Your Own Research (DYOR) Rockstar?

Cryptocurrency is an innovative method of trade in modern world against available options of forex and stock trade. Like Initial Public offering (IPO), initial Currency Offering (ICO), also referred to as Initial Coin Offering is a capital raising tool for startups because it can by-pass regulatory compliance and mediation of stock exchanges, banks, and venture capitalists. It is a type of crowdfunding but is vulnerable to scams and securities. The risk is very high when an investor is away from existing regulations because there is no legal scope to authenticate the investment.

Crypto coins for investment

ICO uses cryptocurrency which is vended as “tokens” to investors against legal tenders or in exchange of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). The tokens wait for fulfilment of funding goal of ICO and launch of project when they are launched as functional units in future. In stock trade, a battle between bulls and bears always keeps investors engaged in buying – selling activities to secure their investments and to optimize their profits. There are some crypto trading agencies like Smart Options that keeps track of investors’ security in bear time when there is downward trend and bring distance of closet approach (DCA) down to the lowest of some top coins.

Become DYOR Rockstar

They help investors in investing some of the equity in right Initial Coin Offering. If you get on to Smart options you can know much about safety of your investment and get education to explore too much for your investment to become Do Your Own Research (DYOR) Rockstar. DYOR is just like picking gems yourself by choosing some Bitcoins and sit back to wait till price of this coin shoots up. This is simple method if you wanna make big from your investment or you can pick an alternative to enter into trading game. This platform takes your few minutes to educate on art of picking great coins.

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